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Implant Dentistry

Implants or “root replacements” utilize a titanium root, positioned in the jawbone to which an artificial tooth or crown is attached. A specially designed connector called “an abutment” is connected to the implant and supports the crown. These restorations look and function very similarly to natural teeth and are considered a permanent life lifetime restoration. Once integrated into the bone, they support the bite stronger than natural teeth. Placement of the “implant” or root replacement should be performed by an oral surgeon or a periodontist who has several years of specialized training in implantology. After the healing phase of 4-6 months, the restorative dentist applies the restorative abutment and final crown.

Implants may be used to support the span of a bridge or they may be used to anchor dentures. They are an investment in your personal real estate. Orthodontists utilize short implants temporarily to assist in stabilizing forces to move teeth with braces in specific cases. Some research has examined the effectiveness of immediate loading but the success of this practice has not become routinely accepted and its practice is case sensitive.


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